Chiselled and blessed with beautiful eyes, Greek men definitely have a reputation for setting hearts on fire and as gods.

It’s no surprise therefore that a casual search on the Internet will produce several polls deeming Greek men to be amongst the sexiest on the planet.

The Collins English Dictionary defines the term ‘Greek god’ as a ‘male deity from the ancient Greek pantheon, taken, from classical sculpture, as the archetype of male beauty.’

In recent times though, it’s more commonly used as a noun to describe men who are ‘strikingly handsome and well built’ – or shall we say – are of Adonis-like beauty.

With this in mind, we’ve selflessly, painstakingly researched for hours to put together a collection of famous Greek men most befitting of this description, so that you may enjoy the fruits of our labour: Greek City Times List of Worlds Sexiest Greek Gods Alive 2020.

You’re welcome.

It’s been a dirty job but somebody had to do it. Proceed with caution – it’s hot.

Greek City Times World’s Sexiest Greek Gods Alive 2020

Kostas Martakus

Born May 25, 1984 in the beautiful seaside suburb of Coogee Australia, Kostas Martakus is a Greek singer, actor, model and television host, who rose to fame after appearing on Greek talent show Dream Show in 2006.

He competed in the Greek national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and 2014 and has released five studio albums.

Giorgios Papadopoulos

Giorgos Papadopoulos is a Greek Cypriot singer and songwriter who was born May 26, 1985 and began his career in Cyprus.

After three successful EPs Papadopoulos released his first album in both Greek and Cypriot markets gaining widespread popularity in Greece as well as in his place of birth.

An active songwriter, Papadopoulos has written songs for many popular Greek artists, including Helena Paparizou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Tamta, Kostas Martakis, Panos Kiamos, Kaiti Garbi, Melina Aslanidou and Notis Sfakianakis.

Giorgos Papdopoulos Greek Gods

Alexis Papas

Alexis Papas was born in Greece on December 10, 1986. The 6-foot-2, brown haired, green-eyed model has often said that he is very proud of his Greek origin.

Starting his modelling career as the face of the ‘Davidoff Hot Water’ campaign, Papas has since built an impressive portfolio in campaigns for ‘Cuidate’, ‘Calzedonia Uomo’ and ‘Contributor’. Several big agencies soon became interested in him including Ford Models, Mega Model, Next Model, Vivienne, Fashion Model, Scout Model and Sight Model.

Alexis Papas World's Sexiest Greek Gods list

Spiros Boutsias

Spyros Boutsias is a Greek actor. He is best known, not only for his chiselled, godly looks complete with beautiful green eyes, but also for his roles in popular Greek television series Karma (2009) as well as the romantic drama Eho ena mystiko… (2008).

Spiros Boutsias Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

Alexis Zafeirakis

Alexis Zafeirakis is an up and coming Greek singer.

His popularity grew when he appeared as a contestant in The X Factor, Greece, Series 3 and was part of the group that was mentored by George Levendis.

In the third week, Zafeirakis was unfortunatley eliminated from the competition, finishing in 14th place.

Alexis Zafeirakis Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

Apostolis Totsikas

Apostolis Totsikas is a Greek actor.

Born on January 10, 1983 in Athens, Greece. He is known for his work on R20 (2004), Piso sto spiti (2011) and Short Fuse (2016). He is the son of actor Yannis Totsikas and brother of director Thanassis Totsikas.

Sorry ladies, Totsikas has been married to Roula Revi since June 2014.

Apostolis Totsikas Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

Konstantinos Vasalos 

Born in Athens, October 31, 1989, Konstantinos Vassalos, is a Greek gymnast, body building athlete, and television presenter.

Vassalos became widely known through his participation in the fifth round of Survivor Greece in 2017.

Konstantinos Vasulos Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

Akis Pertretzikis

Greek celebrity chef Georgios Evlampios (Akis) Petretzikis  was born 4 March 1984 and raised in Thessaloniki.

In 2010 he competed on the popular TV show to become the first Greek Master Chef.

Pertretzikis appeared in the morning show To Proino Mou (My Morning) from 2012 to 2014

In 2014, Pertretzikis started his own web cooking show on his YouTube channel, Kitchen Lab. He also started Akis’ Kitchen, an English-language web cooking show. Since 2014, he has hosted and produced various cooking shows, has published cooking magazines and books, runs restaurants and an e-shop with various gifts and kitchen products, designed by himself.

Akis Petretzikis Sexiest Greek Gods List

Giannis Tsimitselis

Of Greek descent, Giannis Tsimitselis was born on July 27, 1981 in Zürich, Switzerland. He is an actor and writer, known for Eho ena mystiko… (2008), Loafing and Camouflage: Sirens in the Aegean (2005) and The Policeman of the 16th Precinct (2008).

Tsimitselis has been married to Vaso Laskaraki since October 24, 2013. They have one child.

Giannis Tsimitselis

Konstantinos Argiros

Originally from Lefkada, Konstantinos Argiros was born 21 May 1986 and is one of a set of triplets. He learned to play the piano at the age of five years old.

He worked professionally as a singer, appearing at “FIX” nightclub in Thessaloniki until 2008 when he collaborated with record company Sony BMG to produce an album.

Argiros appeared at ‘VOX; alongside singer Stella Kali between September 2011 and May 2012.

Argiros’ latest single Athina Mou has achieved resounding success, receiving a whopping over 19 million views on YouTube in the first 5 months since its release.

Konstantinos Agiros Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

Christos Mastoras

Christos Mastoras is a Greek singer and a lead vocalist of the band Melisses.

Born on November 14, 1986 in Vodino, one of the Greek-speaking villages in northern Albania, Mastoras came to Greece at age 3 with his parents where he became a Greek citizen.

Hugely successful, Melisses was created in May 2008 and at the Mad Video Music Awards won ‘Best New Artist’ in 2010 and ‘Best Band’ in 2013.

In 2016 he participated as a judge in Rising Star, emerging as the winner of the judges, after the victory of a contestant on his team, Giannis Xanthopoulos.

In 2019 he was a judge in The X Factor, again becoming winner of the judges after the competition was won by Giannis Grosis from his team.

Christos Mastoras Sexiest Greek Gods 2020

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