Dear People,

I am Manolo. I am born free. Born equal. It’s in my very nature. I stand for who I am. I have dreams and a strong will. Don’t put a label on me. Don’t show me your rules. I will ignore them. Whatever walls you build, I will tear them down.

I am here to experience life and get the most out of it. I search, I try, I curate, I inspire. I feel.

I choose what I want in my world, I go beyond your expectations. I am wide awake, and hopefully so are you. Let’s speak as equals, I dare you. Come out. Are you with me? Let’s shape this world together. Let’s make it our mission.

Positive change my friend.

Enjoy my new clothing line. It is made in Greece with premium fabrics, passion and imagination.


Born in Athens on 20 October 1999, Emmanouíl Karalís (aka Manolo) is a world champion pole vaulter.

At just 21 years of age, the young Greek athlete has accumulated a significant list of honours since he came third place representing Greece in the 2015 World Youth Championships in Colombia, and first place a year later in the 2016 European Youth Championships in Georgia.

FlyManoloFly Emannuel Karalis
Photos: @monolo official Instagram page

FlyManoloFly Emannuel Karalis

The son of a Greek father and a Ugandan mother, Karalis has recently launched himself into a new project, releasing his new clothing collection FMF – premium streetwear made in Greece.

“FMF is my life motto,” explains Karalis (aka Monolo).

“It stands for FlyManoloFly and describes something I keep saying to myself over and over again. It describes my need to always move forward, to constantly progress… my need to fly.”

“I believe we are all born with it. With invisible ‘wings’ that, even if we learn to forget, are there, and if we believe it, they make us fly.”

FlyManoloFly Emannuel Karalis
Photo: @monolo official Instagram page

After many years in professional sports, from exhausting trainings to long-awaited successes, quite a few disappointments and some celebrations, Karalis says that he has  learned to live with the dream to always reach higher, not to give up, to try again and again until he finally “makes it”.

“The FlyManoloFly clothing collection comes as a natural answer to my need for creation and my love for style,” says Karalis.

“It is a new endeavour for me, that will come as an addition to my main identity. I will still be a professional athlete, still focused 100% in my sport, but I will also “train”, “compete”, try, and hopefully succeed in another field too.”

“I will still be myself, wearing the clothes that make me feel equal, simple and meaningful.”

To achieve this feeling, Karalis has selected natural colours, a minimal-urban design, premium fabrics and trusted manufacturers in Greece for the production of his new clothing line.


Behind the Scenes – Shooting the FlyManoloFly SS 21 collection

COVID free and ready for the first ever photo and video shooting of the FlyManoloFly brand, Karalis and his team recently met up at a cool studio, hidden behind a huge black door somewhere in Kessariani.

Models Mika, Kiara and Alexandros joined Karalis for the shoot led by videographer Kostas Dekoumes and photographer Spyros Chamalis in what he terms his first ever attempt at modelling.


Karalis’ mom Sarah, who he describes as being “always by my side”, along with his twin sister Angeliki, were present at the shoot to support and help.

“An idea I have had for some time now, has eventually come to life,” says Karalis.

“My love for style and creativity, many months of discussions, designs, samples and ideas, are at last becoming something I can feel in my hands.”

[su_youtube url=”” width=”700″ title=”Behind the scenes – Shooting the FMF SS 21 collection”]

“That’s a wrap,” Dekoumes and Chamalis were heard to say as the shoot ended, marking what was the end of a creative day for them.

“For them the end of a creative day, for me, the start of a creative journey. Can’t wait to FlyMonoloFly,” says Karalis in anticipation of what lies ahead.

“FMF. My clothing collection. Premium streetwear made in Greece. I hope you like the collection as much as I do!”

FlyManoloFly Clothing

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