Going to Greek school has been a tradition for many Greek families, but life has become so overwhelming.

Greek Lessons OnLine (LOL) is a Greek language school with qualified teachers who are native speakers, providing lessons with flexible hours right in your home.

Over the last two to three decades, technology has revolutionized our world, becoming a very important part of our professional and personal lives.

Technology has made our lives easier, faster and more fun, especially evident in the way people communicate.

Whilst just a few years ago physical contact in a central location was required to hold a class, today teachers impart knowledge to students from any location.  This is exactly how students and the teachers interact through Greek LOL.

Using modern educational technologies Greek LOL makes it possible for students from all over the world to become closer to Greece, the Greek culture and language.

“Our mission is to keep the Greek language alive and stay true to our Greek roots,” says Mrs Stella Bompotsiari, Director of Greek LOL, who explains more about the school in the video below.

Both children and adults are taught Greek by professional teachers from the comfort of their home.  The online lesson becomes a unique experience since students interact with teachers who actually live in Greece.

This means that along with the language, students learn about Greek customs, traditions and the Greek lifestyle, which in many cases is quite different to what is presented and exposed on Media. The Greek LOL teachers act as true ambassadors of Hellenism.

“The enthusiasm and vitality of the students during class is tremendous,” Mrs Bompotsiari (pictured above) says. “Kids enjoy their Greek lessons, because of all modern technologies used in class and also because it is easy to attend. They love using all the tools of the online classroom and they also love this live connection with Greece.”

Greek LOL student, Linda from New York agrees. “Having my teacher in Thessaloniki, where my mother’s family lives, makes me feel closer to my Greek family, so I can’t wait to visit them and speak Greek,” she says.

And so this is how the Greek LOL teachers can be found in every corner of the world!

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